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For Job Seekers

Helping You Advance Your Career

At HLW, our objective is helping people advance their careers by making them aware of unique career opportunities with innovative companies. We have deep industry contacts and our extensive network continues to grow based largely on referrals.

We represent innovative companies hiring professionals who are passionate about their work. Many of our clients companies have a vision for growth and turn to us for confidential searches. And we understand that your confidentiality is vital when exploring opportunities to grow in your career. Our process ensures your confidentiality is never compromised.

When you work with HLW, you are counseled throughout the entire process: polishing your resume, interview techniques, offer and acceptance, resignation, and continued contact throughout your career.

If you are passionate about your career and the work you perform, we encourage you to contact us, whether or not you are currently actively looking for another role. Many of our contacts reach out to us to inquire about companies they are considering making a move to, industry trends, resume and interview advice, and general career guidance.

Harris Lane & Warner

Executive Search

We Add Value by Taking the Right Steps

Our executive search services help some of the world’s most respected corporations achieve innovation across products and services, processes, management systems and business models.

Our Steps

  • Company needs analysis – qualifications, critical success factors, compensation, hiring process
  • Determine how to present opportunity – get candidates excited about the company and position, and hew we can attract candidates from top competitors
  • Agree on search terms – create mutually acceptable and beneficial agreement for the search
  • Assemble the project team and create a project plan
  • Research companies and candidates
  • Candidate acquisition – identify, contact, engage, interview, assess candidates
  • Present qualified candidates to client company
  • Arrange initial interviews
  • Interview preparation – prepare the candidate and client for each interview
  • Interview debrief – debrief the candidate and client after each interview
  • Address the counteroffer issues with the candidate throughout the entire process
  • Offer – if the client desires, participate in the offer and acceptance discussions
  • Follow up on candidate resignation, ensuring a timely start date
  • Post project analysis – what went right and wrong with the search, perception of client in the market
  • Verify with client that the project was successfully completed to their satisfaction
  • Continued contact - Remain in contact with the candidate through the start date and initial phase of employment

Submission Requirements:

For immediate consideration for an open position, please submit your resume and cover letter, including compenstion requirements, to info@harrislw.com with the job title in the subject line. If your qualifications match IE's needs, a recruiter will contact you.

Your Success is Our Mission