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For Employers


Helping you identify, attract, and secure your most valuable asset – human capital

At Harris Lane & Warner, we work with companies to determine the right skill set, right person, and the right compensation to help you land the impact players so vital to the success of your organization.

We focus on critical success factors and essential skill sets, as well as a company’s corporate culture, expectations, and rewards. We identify the A level talent for your need and put together a value proposition to entice them to consider your organization for their career. Our executive search services help some of the world’s most respected corporations achieve innovation across products and services, processes, management systems and business models.

Maximizing the Bottom Line


Reduced hiring timelines

Hiring managers spend less time on the recruiting function and as a result realize productivity gains...


Shortened total vacancy duration

Focusing on proactively identifying, attracting, and landing A level talent results in shorter vacancy time lines...


More effective candidate selection

Quality candidates are targeted who have the right qualifications...


Lower turnover

Impact players change jobs less frequently, which adds to overall revenue and productivity, and contributes positively to the morale of your team...


Lower cost of employment

Evaluating and landing impact players quickly reduces the total cost of the employment function...


Increased profitability

A level employees, the impact players, can be as much as 10 times more effective than a B level employee, improving the bottom line for their employer...

Areas of Expertise

Companies working with Harris Lane & Warner for their staffing needs realize significant improvement in key hiring and retention metrics with cost effectiveness. Hiring managers spend less time on the recruiting function and as a result realize productivity gains.

  • Engineering in all disciplines
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Energy and Utilities, including renewable energy, oil and gas
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences, including hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies
  • Sales across all industries
  • Legal and compliance across all industries
  • Manufacturing and Industrial


Your Success is Our Mission